Class Packages

The best local experience.

Dynamic, practical & fun.

Private tutoring

This is all about YOU! Here, all the time is dedicated to your personal goals. With flexible schedules that accommodate your stay, we can adjust to your needs and ensure a personalized learning experience.

Private Classes

All prices are in COP – Colombian Pesos

Convenient remote learning

Online private classes are the extension of your experience in Colombia. These classes are ideal for you in two scenarios: firstly, if you want to arrive prepared for your trip to fully absorb and make the most of your experiences. Alternatively, if you have fallen deeply in love with our culture and wish to continue your learning journey from wherever you are.


Have fun learning with others

Join forces with a global squad of knowledge-seekers, exchange experiences, and explore the world of learning together. Meet kindred spirits like you, adventurers who yearn to dive into new cultures and languages.

Group Classes (Contact us for availability)

All prices are in COP – Colombian Pesos

15 hours of group classes in a week and more

$ 720.000

15 hours of group classes in a week,  Study materials,  1 hour private class

3 hours of practical, survival Spanish

$ 192.000

3 hours of practical, travel Spanish class


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