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The coolest Spanish School in Medellin, where our culturally-focused methodology and partnerships create an unforgettable learning experience. That's truly una chimba!



Quihubo! ¿qué más, pues?  At SPOKEN, we’re not your typical language school. We spice things up by teaching you Spanish with a Colombian cultural twist. Our classes are tailor-made to fit your style – whether you’re a globe-trotter, a permanent expat, or a digital nomad. We give you practical tips that you can use in your everyday life in Colombia.

Based on 23 reviews
Allison D
Allison D
Great beginner class! Valentina was fun and energetic!!
Adrian Bach
Adrian Bach
Valentina and Estiven were great teachers, teaching us Spanish through the Medellín perspective (because we wanted that). Huge recommendation!
Xandra Vonk
Xandra Vonk
Las clases de Cristian de Spoken son super amables e informativas. Cristian me hace sentir segura al hablar español. Hablamos de nuestra semana y al mismo tiempo aprendo a usar la gramática correctamente. Puedo preguntar cualquier cosa, Cristian me explica con mucha paciencia. ¡Me encantan las clases!
Anthony Cruz
Anthony Cruz
Lucia is an amazing teacher! Highly recommend this school. She and her husband Bryan are really personable and are part of our reason to love being in Medellin!
Sarah Taxis
Sarah Taxis
I started as a total beginner, but just after a few hours with Lucia i already felt comfortable talking in sentences, especially the “survival Spanish” for my travels. While doing so we even had fun on top, big recommendation !
Steve Mc.
Steve Mc.
Highly recommend. This was my third visit to Medellin from Australia this year and my third different language school. SPOKEN was definitely the best. I did private lessons with Estiven who was amazing. Beautiful views of Poblado also. My Spanish problem areas were identified quickly and my lessons were tailored to fix this. Great experience. Will definitely use SPOKEN again whenever I return.

SPOKEN was created to help travelers overcome language barriers in Spanish-speaking countries. Often, these barriers prevent them from fully experiencing the culture, meeting new people, and enjoying local activities. SPOKEN is here to solve these problems by accompanying you and creating a relaxed and easy learning environment. Let’s make it simple!

Ready for an adventure? Join us and let’s explore the Spanish-speaking world together!

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Flexible offerings to meet your language learning needs...



Join forces with a global squad of knowledge-seekers, exchange experiences, and explore the world of learning together. Meet kindred spirits like you, adventurers who yearn to dive into new cultures and languages.



This is all about YOU! Here, all the time is dedicated to your personal goals. With flexible schedules that accommodate your stay, we can adjust to your needs and ensure a personalized learning experience.



Online private classes are the extension of your experience in Colombia. These classes are ideal for you in two scenarios: firstly, if you want to arrive prepared for your trip to fully absorb and make the most of your experiences. Alternatively, if you have fallen deeply in love with our culture and wish to continue your learning journey from wherever you are.

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