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“Hey Parcer@s Bienvenidos SPOKEN! We’re like a cold beer in a hot weather that tells you: Hey! Tranquilo! Learning a new language can be tough, but here we are to make it easy. We know that confidence, and a simple methodology are keys to start a conversations in any language, so don’t worry, we’ve got the two. And guess what? We’ll also take you to “experiencias locales únicas” where you can meet new friends and, hence practice your spanish. So, if this sound good to you, vamos con toda!”

Cristian RV, Co-founder

CRISTIAN (co-founder)

¿Qué mas pues? I’m Cristian, a proud Paisa from Medellín. I’m all about embracing my Colombian heritage, teaching languages, and salsa dancing.

I also love Medellín’s history and our yummy traditional dishes like “bandeja paisa” and “mazamorra.” I spent five and a half years in Denver, CO, where I learned English and gained a new perspective about life and the world. Now back in Medellín, I’m teaching Spanish as a Second Language. What an adventure! 🌎

LUCIA (co-founder)

¡Hola, hola! How’s it going? I’m Lucía, and I’m here to rock your language-learning world! Picture me with a big smile and a sprinkle of enthusiasm. I’m from the stunning city of Manizales, and I’m ready to spill the beans about myself.

First things first, I’m armed with a great university degree in Modern Languages. I’ve got English, French, and even a pinch of Portuguese under my belt. Why? Because I’m on a mission to teach all you amazing folks the wonders of language. Trust me, it’s gonna be a wild ride!


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